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Our Features


In development

Images will be added as types of content are created and more sections will be added in time

Inline Text Interactivity

Story Navigation

In addition to basic navigation between chapters, in-text links can provide navigation to secret content, maps and are the primary way end of chapter choices work in multiple-path stories. Can also be used to provide a link to an external website.

Card popups

queen nikki

Clicking on the word will bring a card popup which can contain, text, an image or menu. Cards can be used to refresh readers on character information, show images or provide background.


Cards can also bring up different types of menus to provide links, or to set hidden variable options. This is another way paths in multiple-path stories can be set, or they can be used to alter story visuals.


Clicking on interactive text can also be used to change an internal variable, trigger a preset animation, cause a change in other settings or trigger an event on our server.

Display/ control

Interactive text could be displayed using differing colors based on author settings. Examples include providing different colors for different characters or different colors for different text interaction types (red for pop-up, blue for link). Authors also have to option to have interactive text hidden. Users can hide or disable interactive text through the options screen.

Interactive Maps

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Maps are accessed through the map module button located on the top of the application player screen.

  • Maps contain selectable areas, which act similar to the interactive text.
  • They can contain other maps, popup cards, menus and links to stories.
  • Map features can be changed based on story variables.
  • The map modules are displayed based on chapter, so the default map can change throughout the novel.
  • The map module can be also be hidden for some chapters
  • Maps can also be accessed through in-text interactions
  • Projects can be designed to be map based, where the map acts as a table of contents and all content is accessed through the map.


Full support of art for mobile


Novels can contain art and images in color.

Multiple-Path Stories/ Modular Project Design

Modular Design


Projects on the application are built modularly. For example, a map can contain both a full novel and a short story. The short story can contain its own map, which can contain a comic. Other more advanced interactive modules like spells, currency, and items can be added through additional modules. Modules are created by authors through filling out a module worksheet, with little need to know coding.

Multiple-Path Stories

The design of the application and projects allows the creation of choose-your-own adventure and multiple path stories beyond just having three choices at the end of a chapter (it does that as well). Different modules contain set variables which can also trigger altered paths. Paths can also be set by the author to be triggered by chance. Fully multiple-path designs can allow for subtle, as well, as huge variations set in the story.

Scales Back to Static Text

Aside from stories completely dependent on interactions, the reader can disable all interactions and animations.

Advanced Creation Features/ Moving Forward


Tables containing character or place information can be created and used to systematically design cards and other features. This information can also be provided through to the reader in a stylized format. The information could also be altered through the course of the story. For example: A table might exist with a character's name, weapon of choice and allegiance. When that character's name is touched in the text, an image appears. The image features the character's base image with his favourite weapon and overlayed with his lord's emblem. The art files contain 10 character base images for each of the 10 characters, 5 weapons, and three emblems. For a total of 18 images. All of the characters, weapons and emblems can interchange if variables do throughout the story.

In development

This feature list as well as the application is still in development. There are many things still being worked on: interactive family trees, direct author interactions, and stories where your friends choose your own adventure. This list also doesn't include all the possible uses for the features listed above, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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