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About Echoic Mobile Press

Our Application

Echoic Mobile Press started from a basic disappointment with the current state of the e-book market. Phones have become so powerful, reading on them is practically overkill. The advanced features which some platforms do offer often go unused or unknown about. Echoic Mobile Press is designed to be an e-book reading application for the modern tablet/ mobile user. The application provides readers with many ways to customize the reading experience, share or not share content with friends, and provides different ways to purchase and access content.

Content on the reader can be made to be interactive. What does this mean? Well, it could mean anything from having art appear when clicking on a character name, to multiple path stories, to RPG elements, or maybe just simply having a link to the home page of a restaurant featured in the book. This approach allows for a wide variety of content.

The software is designed to be modular, allowing authors and readers to access the features they want and not worry about what they don't want to use. We are built for vivid colorful art and even animations. The process of writing for Echoic Mobile Press is designed to be as intuitive and simple as it can be given the nature of the content it can feature.

Our Publishing

We are a small press-style publishing company specializing in producing interactive digital content for our own reading application as well as releasing digital works for other platforms. We are a group focused on expanding what can be done in the realm of digital narratives while remaining true to the power of text. We publish novels, multiple path stories, serial novels, short stories, articles, novellas, poetry, comics and graphic novels. Our business goals also include taking advantage of modern, mobile monetization options to provide added value to authors not elsewhere available.

Primarily we aim to publish interactive works for our brand new Echoic Mobile Press Application. Additionally, we seek to publish works on other digital platforms, such as Kindle or Smash Words. Where available we plan to take advantage of the seldom used features these platforms hight have. Authors and artist successful on these two platforms will also have the opportunity to be a part of our merchandising and digital marketplace plans, as well as further expanding into paper books and other physical products.

Echoic Mobile Press envisions cross-platforming as the future of story-telling and opportunities exist to collaborate with other authors and artists and take full advantage of many of the advanced features Echoic Mobile Press software can offer. Authors working with us will get access to some of our experimental authoring and world building software tools as they become available. These tools will further help you develop ebooks for our platform or just help with your writing in general.

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