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Project Artists

One of our writing projects is looking for a project artist willing to create a series of artistic assets, character images, maps and scenes. The project is a WWII period theme, with some fantasy elements. The work will include 2-7 landscapes, 3-5 characters in 2-8 different outfits/poses/ backgrounds. 10-15 different reusable icons/elements for the story map. Plus a logo for the project. Some of the work will be expect before release with the rest being done over the course of a year. All work will be agreed upon between the project manager and art beforehand and a concept will be approved. The products are expected to be complete and quality works of art.

The work is considered "work for hire" with all rights remaining with the authors of the text/ Echoic Mobile Press. The project will be paid partially on an upfront basis and partially on a per-view basis with minimum guarantees over the course of 2 years from the official release of the project (these terms are negotiable but the expectation of partial upfront payment and partial view-based payment will remain). At the end of a year the contract can be renegotiated.

$40/ landscape

$15/ character

$5/ map element/ button skin/ logo/ other

Quarterly Payments based on project views system ($0.02 per distinct viewer, $0.22 per dedicated viewer*):

$200 Guaranteed per quarter 2017.

$50 Guaranteed per quarter 2018 unless contract renewed.

Estimated compensation: $4,500,

Minimum compensation: $1,400,

Maximum compensation: Unlimited (based on views)

*dedicated viewer is someone who has viewed over 50% of available non-premium content over a 3 month period as determined by software and verified.

To Apply

Please send a letter of interest and a resume to brian.tate@echoic-mobile-press.com

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