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Best of the Beta Contest

The beta test for the Echoic Mobile Press interactive reading application is coming soon. To celebrate we are having a contest with the chance to be among the first novels published on Echoic Mobile Press. Our team will help transform your work into a new, exciting, interactive e-book to add to our library.


  • A submission will consist of an email including title, genre, and word count; a brief blurb about the story, and a brief bio. Include the first 3 chapters (capped at 10,000 words) of your manuscript and a brief (1-2) page synopsis, all pasted in the body of the email.
  • The contest is open to only sci-fi or fantasy novels.
  • Echoic Mobile Press is looking for authors willing to add interactive features to their works, the submission does not need to include any specific reference to interactive features at this time. However, the author is entering this contest with the understanding the work will made to be interactive using some of the features specified on this site, and can provide a sentence or two on things they might be interested in doing.
  • A $30 entry fee is required for any submission received before February 1st. Any submissions after that will require a $40 submission fee. Pay here.
  • All standard novel submission rules (original content, rating, etc.)/ instructions as stated on www.echoic-mobile-press.com/submissions.php apply.
  • You will receive a confirmation email within a day of your submission. At the end of the contest you will receive a score.


  • A $50 Amazon Gift Card/ Code
  • Echoic Mobile Press will work with you to complete your novel, add interactive features, and add it to our library. Your novel will be advertised with the release of Echoic Mobile Press.
  • Echoic Mobile Press will also provide professionally commissioned artwork to use as the book cover and for interactive features, maps, characters and promotion.
  • Additionally, Echoic Mobile press can release your work through other e-book platforms of your choice (Smashwords, Kindle, etc) after 2 months of its release to the library.
  • The work will receive our standard pricing and royalties relative to all platforms.
  • The highest total score will receive: the award "Best of the Beta", will be first on our list for publication, and priority on receiving commissioned artwork. All subsequent high-scoring entries will receive consideration for publication after the contest winner and before open submissions.
  • Submissions are to be completed through submissions@echoic-mobile-press.com. Please adhere to the no attachments rule as stated on our rules page.

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